The first way of receiving heaven’s energy (first stage of Sundo, Jung-gahk-doh) is entering the order of the way (Dao) by rightly (Jung) knowing and realizing (Gahk). Now you have to make the energy of heaven interact (Tong) with your energy and make that energy (Gi) move freely in your body. Only by following this law (Tong-gi-bup) can humans move on to unify with the heavens (Sun), go with the way (Doh) and be one within the union of heaven and man (bup). Thi is the way and law of heaven and humans becoming one (Sun-do-bup). Keep this way and law in your heart and go forth.

  • Jung-gahk-doh
  • Joong-gi danbup
  • Gun-gon danbup
  • Won-gi danbup
  • Tong-gi-bup
  • Jin-gi danbup
  • Sam-hap danbup
  • Jo-ri danbup
  • Sun-do-bup
  • Sam-chung danbup
  • Mu-jin danbup
  • Jin-gong danbup

Jung-gahk-doh Level

sundo7At Jung Gahk Doh Level, we start with Warm-up to activate blood and energy circulation. After the warm-up we continue with the core exercise. The training includes the Tancheon breathing combined with specific postures in meditation (Tancheon Haengong). There are 50 postures in Joong-Gi Danbup, 23 postures in Gun-Gon Danbup and 360 postures in Won-Gi Danbup. After the main part, we finish with the Cool-down, the qi acumulated through Tancheon breathing is distributed through the body.  The cool-down includes Ki-Shin Bup, which is a series of exercises for internal organs. Jung Gahk Doh level strengthen Jung Qi (prenatal qi), maintains the Tancheon full of energy and activates the energy to circulate through the meridians. In this process, the mind is refreshed and the body is reinvigorated.

Joong-gi danbup

Joong-gi danbup is based on the principle of the five elements. It is composed of 50 different haeng-gong motions (postures).

Gun-gon danbup

This danbup is composed of 10 motions (postures) of the celestial stems and twelve motions (postures) of the twelve terrestrial branches. It is based on the formation principle of the universe. Gun-gon danbup causes yin and yang energy inside the body to operate harmoniously and creates abundant vitality.

Won-gi danbup

This level views 1 year as 360 days so it contains 360 postures.

Observing the changing shapes of the moon. For example, from a full moon to the next full moon – in other words this month’s day 15 the next month’s day 15 – make one unit and so it becomes 1 month. It also follows the lunar cycle. For example, from one full moon to the next is considered 1 unit (1 month). Twelve times of this lunar movement is 1 lunar year.

The subdivisions of the seasons have been established by observing changes of the sun, moon and earth’s motion. To make this change of nature apply to our body, our ancestors made the won-gi danbup’s haeng – gong align with the flow of the energy based on yin-yang-5 element principles and 5 energy and 6 operation principles.

After completing the Jung Gahk Doh level, you will start to practice Tong Gi Bup level. At this stage, Heaven and Human are in true harmony and you will be able to feel the true meaning of this practice. After Tong Gi Bup stage follows Sun Do Bup, the last stage of SunDo, which will bring you the ultimate harmony with the universe.


Tong-gi bup Level

This stage develops a high level of mental practice and the union of Jung-Gi-Shin is attained in the higher dimension.

Sun-do bup Level

In this stage one unites with the universe and becomes a sun person (mountain-man person), and completes one’s destined life.