SunDo came back from the mountains into society and became an important part of the Korean national education program, which includes Hwa-rang-do, Jo-eui Sun-in și Soo-sa. These programs existed before the middle ages. Recently, starting with 1980, many Korean governmental organizations had chosen SunDo as part of their main educational programs.

What makes SunDo different than other energetic practices is that this method is integrative and well structured, for anybody to be able to learn and practice. All that the person needs is sincerity and heartfelt intention.

SunDo is a step by step training, adjusted to the physical and spiritual state of each practitioner, as to develop the body and spirit. Through consistent and conscious practice, it leads to revitalize the vital force, to prevent illnesses, fulfilling the instinctual human desire for a long and healthy life.

The training is a combination of postures and breathing technics. The breathing is one of the essential factors for a heathy state of the body, mind and emotions. The breathing patterns (the way we breathe) directly affects the vital energy qi. In the human body, qi energy circulates through energy channels called meridians. Because of the inadequate breathing, caused by physical and emotional traumas, improper diet, rigid thoughts patterns or stress, qi can diminish or block. When there are blockages like these, the natural flow of consciousness and emotions is interrupted and illnesses start to form.

posturaSunDo breathing methods have a strong influence on the quality and quantity of the physical, mental and spiritual energy. During practice, the stretching exercises and the postures, which activate specific energetic paths, work together with specific breathing rhythm. This way, the blockages are released and qi flows smooth and free through the whole organism.

The training system has 3 stages: Jung Gahk Doh, Tong Gi Bup și SunDo Bup. The first one, Jung Gahk Doh, focuses on the body training. In Tong Gi Bup stage, the spiritual training is the most important. And the final stage does the complete unification of body, mind and spirit with the whole universe.