SunDo is committed to educating people around the world to help them attain better physical, emotional and mental health. To better facilitate world healing, our goal is to help others gain a personal sense of peace that will positively affect their life and work within society.


Many people living in our modern culture are seeking a better quality of life. In SunDo classes and at our Retreats, we provide a place for practitioners to reconnect with nature and with their authentic self. We provide a supportive environment where those coping with stress, trauma or ill health can begin their healing process naturally.

The SunDo tradition has its roots in the Eastern philosophy and medicine. According to Eastern philosophy, qi represents the fundamental energy of the universe. The universal cycles are created through the transformation of this qi. Qi (Gi in Korean) exists in the Yin-Yang polarity and in the 5 elements, which are the foundation of any creation: water, fire, wood, metal and earth.

In SunDo practice, the individual acts to balance his/her own vital energy (qi). The concept of Tao (which is the natural order of things, the force that flows through all beings and whole universe) admits the connection between the energetic system of humans, of nature and cosmos, searching that balance which synchronizes the human being energetic system with the one of the universe. These concepts are emphasized in SunDo, looking to cultivate body and mind, activating creativity and evolution, flowing with the laws of the universe, guiding the way back to the true self.

sundo4Qi concept is contradictory with the Western view that body and mind are separate, that material and spiritual are not connected. In the West, the separation of body and mind, divided things in religion which takes care of spiritual part, psychology which studies the mind and the medicine which looks for the body in a mechanical or chemical point of view.  In Eastern philosophy, because they look at the world as a whole, body, mind and spirit all connected, they could develop different views on health and healing. In the Eastern view, the physical, emotional and spiritual health are deeply connected.

SunDo technics reflect these views on life and world, which only recently have been embraced by the Western medicine and science. SunDo strengthens the qi in the body, as to be able to heal by itself any physical, mental or emotional disorder. Through regular practice, the immune system gets stronger being able to handle any future threat, which creates better heath, better sleep, more vitality, better metabolism and a glowing shape. In SunDo we work with the vital energy, improving health the harmonizing body, mind and spirit.