SunDo practice works for the body, emotional and spiritual health.

Emotionally, SunDo helps us to look inside ourselves. There is a special energy, that we call vitality. Children have it abundantly. But adults, because of education and way of life, lose the contact with this energy. Through practice though this energy can be brought back into our bodies and revived.

The physical exercises were created to open the meridian channels and to increase the flow of energy. This will support the healing process to happen in a natural way. Practicing these exercises increases flexibility, balance and improves health. They were made as for all muscles, tendons, joints, organs and glands to properly function, to bring enough oxygen in the whole body through better blood and energy circulation.

SunDo method is easy to learn and can be used by anybody. The only request is to have sincerity and intention into practice. With discipline, it develops body and spirit step by step from where you are at. It is beneficial for everybody, regardless of religion, ideology, age, physical state or health.

SunDo practice was originally done in the mountains where the practitioner could have no fear and views were open, beautiful and inspiring. However, the SunDo practice method is reasonable and based on principle so it can also be practiced in the cities.


Advantages of Kouksundo practice

Easy to practice

One’s level gradually elevates as one practices

Anyone can practice regardless of age and sex

Diseases of the heart and body spontaneously go away during practice

As the practice progresses, each energy-blood vessel opens and circulation improves. Energy circulates through the meridians

Organs work together harmoniously as practice progresses. Won-gi (vigor) accumulates


Participants in SunDo seminars and retreats noticed changes and improvements as following:


Strong Stamina: The body becomes light and swift. One can maintain the best physical condition at all times. A body with a weak constitution fundamentally reforms.

Free from exhaustion: When won-gi (source of energy) increases, exhaustion vanishes and strong power extends to the hands and feet. So one can climb mountains without being short of breath.

Obesity: Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen and activates the combustion of subcutaneous fat. Obesity decreases at a fundamental level.

Nervous indigestion: The practitioner feels empty and refreshed with good digestion.

Insomnia: Sleep comes easy and is deep.

Relief from constipation: Urination and defecation become smooth.

Beauty: The skin becomes delicate and the face gets clear and graceful.

Drinking and smoking: It becomes easy to control excessive drinking and smoking.

Adult diseases: SunDo is the highest advanced practice method that can cure and improve hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver, etc.

Reinforcement of natural: Power to resist disease strengthens and health problems inside the body quickly disappear (cold hands and feet, numbness, backaches, headaches, etc.)



Harmony and peace of heart: The mind becomes refreshed, peaceful and generous.

Perseverance and will power: The power to spontaneously endure every matter is reinforced.

Volition to live: Tedium and depression with life can be healed. One can rediscover the meaning in his/her life. Desire and gratitude toward life are enhanced.

Self-confidence: Insecurity, timidity and inferiority complexes are healed. Self-confidence and strong inner power ensue.

Reinforcement of concentration: The brain becomes clear and active. Work ability greatly improves.

Termination of stress: In the stage of no thought, you will feel true relaxation and sense of freedom from stress.