With a hundred days of ascenticism, one can enter the true principle

With a thousand days of Dao practice, one can live long with no disease

With ten thousand days of haeng-gong, there is infinite creation

Master Kim has been invited to TVH for an interviu with Matei Georgescu – Professor at “Spiru Haret” University – 25th of May 2017

SunDo (KoukSunDo) is a practice for training the mind and body to develop physically, mentally and spiritually – a method that supports us to integrate and harmonize the whole being – mind, body and heart. The training combines a series of postures with abdominal breathing and meditation, to cultivate and balance the whole energetic system.

SunDo is an authentic national practice from Korea. It began 9700 years ago, created by Taiost Master Chun-Gi. For about 1000 years, SunDo has been practiced secrety in the mountains. It was passed forward from master to discipol throught direct experience.

It is a deep deep practice system, based on balancing breathing, body and heart. Cultivating the energy brings an abundant life and peace of heart and mind. It harmonizes body and mind to mentain a healthy body and mind. It improves the self-healing capacity and helps to prevent illnesses. It also supports longevity and peace of heart.

In 1967, sent by his master, Master Chung-San returned to society to spread the SunDo teachings. In 1980, Master Hyunmoon Kim started to teach about human potential and consciousness through SunDo practice, in North America, South – East Asia and Europe.

The 12th European SunDo Retreat – Bran, Brasov, 30 January – 03 February 2020

The 11th European SunDo Retreat – Czech Republik, Dubovice 2019

Master Chung Woon

“Choose the way for the good of mankind, that way you will be humane”

Master Chung San

“Heart fills the world and the world fills my heart”

Master Hyunmoon Kim

“I view Kouksundo practice as the essence of life and a deep source of personal well-being”